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Saturday, 1 August 2015

A load of Bull!

In this news article a young matador is gored by a bull. The article features exclusively on the bull fighter with no comment on the injuries being inflicted on the bull! I don't see the enjoyment myself in watching an animal suffer whilst it is being slowly butchered. So I find myself cheerfully cheering for the bull every time the topic of bull fighting comes up in the news. The odds are so stacked against the bull you can't even refer to it as a sport. As soon as the bull enters the arena it is dead because even if it defeats one matador another will come on to finish off the poor beast.
Because the spectators already know about the outcome of the fight it can only be about one thing... blood! They want to see the bull suffer, bleed and slowly die, so for me it makes a refreshing change when it's the matadors blood we are treated too, at least they are allowed to exit the arena to receive medical treatment! In the case of this news story it's three matadors requiring hospital treatment!

After Fortes was taken to the infirmary the bull was enticed back into it's stall alongside the pens of the other three who had escaped their scheduled deaths in the afternoon. With no one left to fight them, there was no alternative than to cancel the rest of the corrida.”


Their is a silver lining for this bull, as their were no more matadors left the bull was allowed to live and three other bulls also survived. No mention is made as to what the fates of these animals are? I suspect they will be re-scheduled into later fights on another day.

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