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Thursday, 17 September 2015

You ether love it or hate it!

You ether love it or hate it!

Marmite is a sticky dark brown product which has a powerful flavor and is extremely salty! I like Marmite and if I can, I like to encourage other people to try it. Recently through my random browsing of the internet and YouTube I came across a video of an English man living in Japan. The video was about him introducing his friends to this delicacy.

At first things went well right until I saw how he presented the Marmite to his friends to try. I was shocked! Ether this man has never eaten Marmite himself or he was trying to guarantee his friends would not like it? (comedy value for the video perhaps?) He passed his friend a limp slice of white bread smeared in Marmite and quite thickly too! Now I like Marmite but if you were to offer it me like that I would refuse to eat it!

I've eaten Marmite on sliced bread, it's not ideal but done right it's OK. If you try to spread Marmite onto bread you'll find the bread absorbs the Marmite and you have to spread it quite thickly. You need to apply butter to the bread first, not thickly! Then you'll find the Marmite spreads easily and evenly meaning you don't need to use a lot to get an even coating.

My personal preference is to eat Marmite on toast. You need to allow the toast to stand a few minuets to allow it to cool and become crispy. You can then spread butter onto it without it melting and then spread the Marmite over this in a thin even coating! You'll find the butter and the Marmite compliment each other without being overpowering which Marmite can be!

I would also like to comment on the presentation of the food! Who only spreads half a slice? Or just randomly smears the bread with the Marmite. Food has to look nice in order to be enjoyed and this certainly did not look nice.

I would like to think that if these unfortunate people had been presented with bread or toast which had been properly prepared there might have been a good chance they would of enjoyed the experience.

Near the end of the video, just in case their was any lingering doubt's in the producers mind that his friends might be harboring feelings that Marmite might actually be nice he offers them a spatula laden with Marmite and asks them to eat it neat out of the jar … Vinegar or salt are nice when added to food in moderation but we would never up end them into our mouths! Why he thought it was a good idea is beyond me? (again comedy value?)

I do find his videos quite funny and the criticism of this video aside I would recommend too my readers that they watch his other videos!

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