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Monday, 18 April 2016

Power Failure

Power failure – Where has all the money gone?

Today I have read an article on the BBC news web page, about a company called Powa Technology's. After reading this article and reading some of the comments left by other readers it struck me how similar this company is to the Government.

Politicians are taking our money (the investors) and they are spending it … where? To quote the article “Last month I wrote about the collapse of the UK tech "unicorn" Powa Technologies, a firm I called a textbook example of how not to run a business. Back then it was hard to see how Powa had run through so much money so quickly.” Where I am living now we are in a time where we could use the phrase “how not to run a country” and “how can a country run through so much money so quickly”

Our politicians are like the owner/executives of this company, they run it so badly that the investors have to call in the administrators to try and claw back some of their investments, only we can't call in the administrators when we see our Government failing so badly, no we have to accept pay/job cuts and dig deeper into our pockets to pay more taxes whilst the politicians come away with their wages, bonuses and pensions intact.

To quote one of the comments after the article: “But as usual, those at the top have banked their huge salaries and bonuses while those at the bottom leave unpaid with no realistic chance of ever seeing their money”

This article leaves me wondering how different our world would be if the first people to see pay cuts were the politicians themselves and the hard working millions at the bottom had their wages protected as they are the ones earning the least and needing the money the most?.  

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